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A Robot For Every Age At Christmas Time

Technology toys are often seen as entertainment for children. We forget about their enormous educational potential. Although robots may seem like remote-controlled dolls, they can be a gateway to digital skills that can be integrated into children’s development. We have already written about programming with Scratch. Learning information technology and training in programming can help children develop basic skills regardless of their future career. Robots are an important part of learning, and they can be used as toys to entertain children (or adults).

7+ LEGO Education WeDo

WeDo is the LEGO range for children starting at 7 years of age. You can build 12 robot figures with the basic box and then program them using the Scratch or LEGO software.

It is very fun to build and allows you to program the motor and proximity sensors to create animated figures. The child is then introduced to programming and robotics.

LEGO WeDo software allows you to create and direct thematic activities. However, there are also ideas and resources available on the LEGO website. This softwareIt’s not necessary to enjoy all of the educational and playful power of LEGO WeDo. The resources on the Internet as well as the free MIT Scratch download are sufficient to get all its potential.

Mindstorms EV3: 10+

LEGO’s Mindstorms concept is a qualitative addition to its EV3 line of educational robotics. It is designed for boys and girls aged 10 and up. It includes a multi-port controller that centralizes sensor data to act as a programming interface and data logging interface. An ultrasound distance sensor, a light sensor that can detect colors and intensities of light, and some gyro sensor to allow children to program, build and control their robot models. This toy is simply amazing and will require adult support at an early age to be a valuable educational tool.

It is similar to the previous range and has extensive educational resources available on the LEGO website. We can download the instructions to program, build and control robots like TRACK3R or R3PTAR.

5+ Zowi by BQ

BQ proposes ZOWI, the Spanish version a simple robot that is designed by engineers for future engineers. It comes with a free license and is intended to introduce children to programming and robotics. BQ offers a game/application that unlocks the functions of the robot as you go, making learning fun and motivating. You can assemble, disassemble, touch, and program the product with its interface. It’s almost like Scratch.

Zowi is simple, but it has proximity sensors that detect ultrasound and pressure. This, along with its motors, allows for the robot’s programming to do a lot more than just managing movements. We can see all the possibilities of Zowi by looking at its extensive website.

Arduino: A world of kits

Arduino is a free platform that allows you to control various types of sensors, motors, lights and other electronic devices. It’s the perfect platform for educational robotics projects. It consists of a board and a microcontroller. Different manufacturers have been able to create their own robotic toys using it.

mBot from MakeBlock – a set that introduces children to programming and robotics – or Poppy – a humorous humanoid – are good places to start. These two examples show the incredible growth potential of Arduino.

Online shops

We also find special portals that are sometimes linked to physical shops, which can provide access to this type of toys as well as advice and educational materials. Robotica is a notable example.


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