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Computer Programming Can Be A Kid's Thing

Our lives are digitally connected and new technologies are an integral part of our everyday lives. These technologies require new skills, knowledge, and aptitudes. Programming is one of these. It has long been emphasized that programming should be taught to children so they can understand the basics of programming from an early age.

But… What is programming? The RAE states that programs are created to solve problems with computers. The programmer creates a message called source code that is received by the computer. It then interprets it and executes translations to display the results. Programming starts in the mind and ends up in the registers on the computer.

Programming can be taught from an early age in a didactic manner, contrary to what many people believe. This is possible thanks to a series simple, interactive and entertaining educational apps. A growing number of countries are teaching their children to code. This is not to make them programmers, but to ensure that they have a solid foundation in the field. They will be surrounded by programming objects in the future.

These are the top tools for children to learn how to code without having to deal with the technicalities of professional programming.


This simple, but powerful application will allow children to get into programming in the best way possible. Bee-Bot is free and was designed by the TTS Group team, who have over 25 years of experience in educational applications.

The Bee-Bot is a small bee of approximately 20 cm in length and they are the main characters of this tool. Programming them is easy and children will be able use it to move the bees back and forth and make turns. This will allow them to practice spatial perception and coordination to achieve a great goal: getting the insect to the flower at the end. There are 12 levels to the application, and each level is more difficult than the last.

Bee-Bot is an Android and iOS app that children love. It allows them to learn directional programming by creating motion sequences. They can also have fun doing it, which is the best thing. This is true only for English. However, in these types applications, the language is not as important.


Kodable, another app, teaches programming basics through problem solving and the assistance of BlueFuzz and his families. It is suitable for children as young as 5 years old. The app is interactive and fun, and it gives instructions to the characters.

Kodable lets you learn the fundamental concepts of this world through games. You can download it for free. There are 45 scenarios that you can interact with. The children can choose to buy additional levels for $1.79 each or upgrade to the Pro version, which unlocks everything for $5.99. This app is only available for iOS. It’s also available in many languages.


Tynker is a reference in primary programming education. The company had an existing online learning system that offered courses to schools in the United States. Today, they have over 8,000 schools affiliated. They launched an iOS application this year that aims at teaching programming basics to young and old people.

This application asks boys and girls to help the Pixel puppy, their protagonist, get home. They will need to use visual codes (in the form of blocks) to get around obstacles. Tynker is free to download and contains 20 puzzles. This will allow the children to explore the world and learn basic concepts and structures as they solve them. It’s available in English.


This application is free and can be downloaded for no cost. It was created by two teachers to allow children to create animations and games. Hopscotch is more advanced and complex than the other versions, since it is intended for children aged 9+. It uses blocks which allow for the organization of the code orders to execute the program.

It is extremely comprehensive and intuitive. It allows you to create many objects that will move according our instructions. It allows you to view other user’s projects and to download them to check out how they were programmed. It is educational and highly recommended that children learn programming with their parents. It’s available for iOS.

Programming is the ability to communicate yourself in a language that will be dominant in all aspects of society. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have publicly endorsed teaching programming to children. Experts say programming will be the most universal language in the next few decades, just as it is important that children learn how to read and write.


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