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Dangers Of Technology In Minors And Young People

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have a profound impact on society. They are changing the ways we communicate and interact with each other. There are risks and benefits that ICT can bring, but we need to be aware of the potential dangers and challenges.

The recent study, “ICT and its impact on the socialization adolescents”, was published by Google, FAD, and BBVA in January 2019. It found that 89% of those surveyed were using a mobile phone. 76 % are using a laptop, and 69% use a tablet.

It is clear that youth are in direct contact with technology, as well as being one of the major actors and promoters of its usage and impact.

ICTs are now educational tools that can improve the education quality of students while also revolutionizing how information is accessed, processed, and interpreted. It is also true that new technologies can lead to addictive behavior. There is consensus among scientists and professionals that certain pathologies resulting from the use of technology have important analogies to substance addictions. This can even be compared to gambling.

Access to inappropriate content, harassment, and loss of privacy are just some of the many negative effects that ICT can have on our lives. We must be aware of these issues and prepare for them. These are just three examples.


Cyberbullying is a form of virtual harassment that involves personal attacks, the disclosure of confidential information or false information and the escape of the aggressor. Cyberbullying can be a crime due to the repeated damage it causes.


Sexting is an acronym for “sex” and text. It refers to sending unwelcome messages, photos, or videos containing erotic content.


Grooming is basically the sexual harassment from adults towards minors via the internet. The purpose is to create an emotional connection, the adult may sexually abuse or introduce the minor to child prostitution or make him the subject of pornographic material.
They are all terms that are becoming more common in the fight against technological threats.

It is obvious that ICTs are an integral part of our daily lives. This includes children and young adults, who are the most susceptible to their impact. It is becoming more common for children and young people to come in contact with ICTs at an earlier age. Therefore, it is important to encourage good ICT habits from all areas of society, including education, to help prevent any risk behaviors.


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