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Educational Applications To Discover How The Human Body Works

There are many subjects that are taught in compulsory schooling. These are core knowledge that both boys and girls need to learn and be able to assimilate. The human body: What it looks like and how it functions is one of these subjects.

The role of new technologies in education is crucial today. We have instant access to vast amounts of information via the internet, which makes all knowledge accessible to everyone, including children.

This new concept is best illustrated by educational apps for tablets and smartphones. We can use the potential of these devices to entertain our children and provide them with educational content. They are also resources that positively exploit the parent-child bond, which is one of the key reasons they have been so successful. The Human Body app is one of the most innovative examples.

The human body

Tinybop was responsible for the app, which was voted the best in 2013 by the Apple Store. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times today. This app is ideal for tablets, and will be very helpful if you’re a teacher or have children in school. It will help them learn about the functions and parts of their bodies in the most fun way. It is only available for iOS, and it costs $1.99

The Human Body reveals what is inside of us. Children will learn how different systems work through interactive animations.

It is crucial that they can experiment with them. One example: In the nervous system section, if we press any portion of the screen’s skin, we can see how information travels through nerves to reach the brain.

The Human Body reveals what is inside of us. Children will learn how the nervous and skeletal systems, circulatory systems, respiratory, digestive, muscular, and circulatory systems work through interactive animations. They can also discover the urogenital system for $0.89. They will also be able experiment with them. One example: In the section on nervous system, if we press any portion of the screen’s skin, we can see how information travels through nerves to reach the brain.

Children will find interactive models of their heart, brain, stomach, eyes, mouth, and many other organs and structures. They will also be able use the functions of the device to learn: use the microphone to test your hearing, operate the front camera to examine how vision works, and use the app’s music to check how the brain perceives it.

The app’s characteristics allow for more customization than you might expect. You can change your background color, modify the appearance of the profile, and there is no need to type much, because it is based upon drawings (there are more than 200). Tinybop also has an intelligent parental control system that allows parents to view their children’s profiles and take full control of their learning.

Another attractive feature of The Human Body is the ability to record questions with your children while you navigate. Parents can then answer the questions later and solve all your doubts. Tinybop is here to help if you don’t have the answers. A 22-page guide that explains each system and anticipates children’s most common questions can be found at this link.

The Human Body is a great application that allows children over 4 years old to discover more about themselves and their inner workings. The app is available for $1.99 at the Apple Store. You can also download the contents of your urogenital system for $0.89 extra.

More applications offer a great mix of science and entertainment. New and innovative applications have emerged that allow us to simplify complicated procedures and discover science in all that surrounds. These tools are both beneficial to boys and girls, as well as their parents.


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