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Google's Amazing 3-Word Plan To Get Back To Work

Companies face a new challenge as we near what we hope will be the end to the pandemic. How do we get our people back to work? It can be difficult to decide when and how to safely get your team back into the office.

Google has a new set policy that it is trying to answer in a blog post by Sundar Pichai, its CEO. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, most of Google’s employees have worked remotely. However, the company previously stated that it would be bringing its employees back to the office in September.

The company is now changing its position and will let employees choose where they want work. They can return to their office if they wish. They can also move to another office. They can also work remotely as long as they are able to do so, provided their job allows. This means that you can live in a country home on the beach for up to a year.

Google claims that it expects 20% of its employees to telecommute permanently. Rest, Google expects him “approximately 3 days in the office and 2 days where it is most efficient.”

Pichai stated that many of us would enjoy the flexibility to work from home for a few days each week, spend time in another place for part of the year or even move there permanently. Google’s future workplace will allow for all of these possibilities.

Google’s approach is why we bring it up. We believe that each team member may have a different solution. The “one size fits all” approach is not just becoming obsolete. We believe there are better ways to work in many cases.

We now have what we consider to be the driving principle of the company’s new strategy: “All these efforts will allow us to work more flexible and choose once we can return home to our offices worldwide,” Pichai wrote.

Flexibility and choice

This approach is brilliantly simple, summarized in these three words. Google’s strategy is to allow employees flexibility in setting up work structures. It is not complicated, although there are many details. Give people choice and flexibility.

This is a rare occurrence even in companies that are known for their people-oriented culture. Employees are not allowed to choose where they feel most comfortable. This is why free lunches and yoga classes are so different. These are different than decentralizing how people work together and giving them the freedom to choose the best option for them, not the company.

Google sees the future and realizes there is no way back. While many companies seek the fastest route to return to pre-COVID-19, Google doesn’t believe that this is possible. Google has a new way of looking at how its teams will work together.

Pichai wrote, “The future is work flexibility.” These changes will help us to do our best work while having fun.

This should be the ultimate goal: finding ways to do our best work. It’s also great to have fun doing it.


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