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How to Pass A Hair Drugs Test

Hair drug tests are becoming more and more common in industries that require people to operate machinery or provide medical care. This is because employers must determine that employees are drug-free before they’re able to carry out certain tasks.

Why Do Employers Use Hair Follicle Tests?

Hair follicle drug testing is more common today because of its accuracy. The hair proteins lock in toxins from drugs for much longer than other DNA samples, meaning they can detect drug use, even if it was a long time ago.

Most blood, urine, saliva, or sweat drug tests only detect drugs from a couple of weeks ago. However, hair follicle testing using the sebaceous follicle can detect drug use from up to 90 days prior to the test.

How Do They Conduct Hair Follicle Testing?

Hair follicle testing begins when the lab cuts a few strands of hair from the head (most likely at the back near the neck). They will need to cut as close to the scalp as possible to ensure the natural oils from the scalp remain on the hair.

For this reason, it’s difficult to conduct a drug test on hair that’s shorter than 1.5 inches.

What Drugs Do the Tests Pick Up?

Because the hair follicle tests are some of the most accurate tests out there, they pretty much detect any drug that you’re able to get hold of. However, although they pick up all of the drugs, they don’t necessarily show a positive result for drug use for everything. If you take hallucinogens, inhalants, steroids, or prescription drugs, then you’re likely to be fine.

Certain rumors may tell you that marijuana (THC) isn’t detectable. However, this is a myth and depending on the amount you use at one time, how often you use and the quality of the drug, THC is incredibly detectable and can even be picked up if you’re around other people who smoke it.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

If you’re required to take a hair drugs test for your job or to pass at the interview stage but have recently been a user of drugs, there are a few things you can do to pass.

Natural Detox

Certain foods and herbs detoxify your blood, which is the main source of toxins that are excreted from your scalp. You should eat garlic, burdock, and cayenne pepper along with supplements which help with blood flow. These will help to cleanse you of the drugs more quickly.

Vinegar Remedy

Washing your scalp with vinegar will help to reduce the oil that passes on the toxins. Place vinegar all over your scalp and leave it for 6-7 minutes before rinsing.


Shaving your hair isn’t a desirable remedy but could work. The tests require your hair to be a minimum of 1.5 inches long. If it’s shorter, then the lab may be forced to conduct a test in a different way which won’t be as reliable.


Using a detox shampoo like Nexxus repeatedly for a few weeks up until your test will help you to remove the toxins a little faster and will leave your hair nice and soft into the bargain.

The Mike Macujo Method

If you haven’t heard of or you are not aware yet, there’s one method that has proven to be highly effective on helping pass a drug test, and that’s The Mike Macujo method, which combines detox shampoo with other ingredients to find the one-stop solution to pass your hair follicle drugs test. They provide support and guidance based on the types of drugs you’ve used and how recently and the shampoo works more quickly than anything else on the market to remove the toxins. It’s also a cost-effective method, with a full 15 washes in a single bottle.

First Steps When You Know That You Have a Hair Drug Test

As soon as you find out you have a drug test coming up – this may be when you get an interview for a job, court date or if your employer conducts random testing – then you should stop using any kind of drug right away.

Because some drugs can get picked up secondhand, you should also avoid seeing anyone that you know is a regular drug user too.

Get in touch with Mike Macujo to review your next steps and helpful tips to get a 99.9% guarantee of passing. The method and support will help to determine how to pass based on the types of drugs you’ve used and how often.

Remember, if you fail a hair follicle test, it could mean that you don’t get a job, fail a custody battle in court or even put an end to your dream career.



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