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Problem Solving For Kids When Newton Is Fun

While explaining the world to children between 3 and 8 years old may seem daunting to some parents, it’s not difficult if you do it while having fun. The child’s cognitive development is influenced by the knowledge he acquires through his own physical and mental activity. Thinkrolls and Thinkrolls 2 are two of many apps for children that can be downloaded for mobile and tablet devices. They combine both the active and passive learning of elementary concepts of physics and the gradual acquisition of them.

High quality applications are available, which can be used by children as young as 3 years old. They have no problems with their control and handling. The apps also offer outstanding educational and entertainment features. The Avokiddo application is available at $2.99 in all major platforms’ stores.

Thinkrolls, the first application, is available for Android and iOS. It allows you to navigate through mazes with obstacles that we must overcome using elements with different physical properties. This helps us solve different problems. Cookies and boxes are used to help children develop motor skills, so they can easily move the characters (balls with fun characteristics) through the various puzzles.

There are many elements to be used with progressive difficulty. This refers to the difficulty derived from the number and interaction of the elements. The child uses floating balloons. Gravity is expressed using rocks, elastic jelly or blocks of ice. In the end, the child must coordinate all elements in order to synchronize elevators. The learning curve is fast and well-crafted. This will ensure that the child is not disappointed when they are unable to move objects correctly. This progression is well-timed and keeps you focused on solving puzzles, which allows for efficient concept acquisition.

The Thinkrolls 2 new game is available for both Android and iOS. It will follow the success of its multi-award-winning elder brother. We are now faced with new elements that help us navigate the maze. Attention accordions It is important to pay attention to accordions. The force and acceleration can be tested by playing with eggs, their shells, electric fans, light bulbs, or wormholes.

Thinkrolls 2 has 235 new puzzles. There is a simple first level for children aged 3 to 5, and a more difficult mode for those aged 5 to 9, in a game that entertains up to 9 years. This version focuses on improving logical skills, as well as spatial recognition and memory. It is set in a labyrinth environment that requires constant observation by the child.

While the characters retain the original design of the game, they are extremely enjoyable. The game’s global design is exceptional in that characters, music, and environments all contribute to the overall experience.

Thinkrolls 2 and Thinkrolls 1 are two games that help increase creativity and problem solving skills. They also teach basic skills such as observation, spatial recognition, memory, and memory. You can’t fail because the game lets you address failed brain teasers once more, so the child can try again and find the solution. This allows parents to have a lot of interaction with their children while playing the game.


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