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Satya Nadella Story - The Man Who Changed Microsoft

Microsoft was experiencing a decline in popularity when Nadella assumed the reins in February 2014. How did Nadella bring the company to the next level of success? This is how an Indian cricketer became the CEO for the tech empire.

In February 2014, Microsoft was experiencing rapid decline when Satya Nadella assumed the CEO role (NASDAQ: Microsoft Corporation [MSFT]).

Windows 8 was a disaster. Microsoft employees were fighting for supremacy behind the scenes. In the meantime, both developers and consumers were losing faith.

Times change.

Microsoft is now back in its rightful place, and Microsoft’s 2016 success has been a sign of a company that offers software and services to anyone, anywhere, and investors who were once skeptical are now convinced the change is real.

Microsoft has much to do. Take a look at Satya Nadella’s life and career, the CEO responsible for making this all happen.

Satya Narayana was born in Hyderabad in India in 1967. Her father was a civil servant, and her mother was an instructor of ancient Sanskrit.

Nadella strove to become a professional cricketer from a young age. He also played in school. He realized that his athletic talents were outweighed by his love for science and technology.

Nadella earned a Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology in 1988. Nadella once stated, “I knew all my life that I wanted to build things.”

They didn’t have any computer science programs so he went to the United States to study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwalkee. He graduated in 1990.

Nadella started her career in the United States at Sun Microsystems, a legendary Silicon Valley computer server firm.

In 1992, Nadella joined Microsoft. Microsoft was just beginning its march towards world dominance at the time Bill Gates, its founder, was still CEO.

Nadella was among only 30 Hindu immigrants to work at the company. His first projects included Microsoft’s ill-fated interactive TV product and Windows NT operating systems.

Nadella’s early years at Microsoft were a time when she impressed her bosses and coworkers by moving each weekend from Redmond, Washington to the Booth School of Business at University of Chicago. His Master in Business Administration. In 1997, he would graduate with his Master in Business Administration.

Nadella was appointed vice president of Microsoft Central in 1999. This suite of web services included website hosting and email.

Microsoft hired Steve Ballmer as its second CEO in 2000.

Nadella was appointed corporate vice president for Microsoft Business Solutions in 2001. This group was formed by a series acquisitions that included Great Plains, an accounting software company for small- and medium-sized companies. To compete with Salesforce, the group was also developing a cloud-based CRM system. All of these products would eventually be renamed to “Dynamics”.

Nadella’s star grew: In 2007, Nadella was the senior vice president of Microsoft Online Services. This meant that he was responsible for the Bing search engine as well as the initial online versions of Microsoft Office.

Nadella was promoted to the position of President of the Servers and Tools Division in February 2011. The group was responsible for overseeing products that would provide major revenue to companies’ data centers. These included Windows Server and SQL Server databases. He was also involved in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, one of Ballmer’s most risky bets.

Nadella assumed control of the Servers and Tools company, which generated approximately $ 16.6 billion in revenues. This amount amounted to 20.3 billion in 2013.

Microsoft wasn’t having a great time at the time. Windows 8 was a disaster when it came to computers. The iPhone and Android were leaving Microsoft’s devices behind and Bing couldn’t catch up to Google’s search engine. Ballmer stated that he couldn’t take it any longer.

Ballmer resigned in August 2013. It was necessary to search for a new CEO. Ballmer and Bill Gates were part of the search committee.

After much speculation and rumor, it was announced in February 2014 that Nadella would be the new CEO of the company with the support from Ballmer and Gates.

Microsoft’s board approved $ 84 million in compensation to Nadella to get her to accept the job.

Nadella immediately after he assumed office sent an email to employees, informing them that:

“I am 46 years of age, have been married 22 years and have 3 children. Like any other person, I think the same way as anyone else. It is a result of my relationships with my family and my experience in general. People who know me well say that my curiosity and thirst to learn are two of my most distinctive traits. I read more books than I can finish. I take more online courses than can be completed. I believe that learning new things is a loss of opportunity to achieve great and useful things. My family, my curiosity, and my hunger for knowledge are what define me the most. Nadella also likened programming to poetry.

Programming is a way to describe something in a few sentences or pages. However, you can still retain the essence of the program with a few lines of poetry. Code is the best code. poetry”

Nadella won the trust of Microsoft employees quickly by making major changes to the company’s course and winning back customers.

This includes things that were impossible in the past like the Linux operating system within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Launch Microsoft Office for the Apple iPad

Mojang, the studio behind the hit Minecraft game, is being bought by the government for $2.5 billion

Launch iPhone and Android apps like Microsoft Outlook

To launch Windows 10, you can skip Windows 9.

The Microsoft Surface Book is the first laptop from the company.

… and then, unveiled the Microsoft HoloLens, a futuristic set of holographic glasses.

Nadella’s philosophy revolves around partnering with customers to ensure that Microsoft software and services are accessible wherever they are. To partner with other companies, Peggy Johnson, a former Qualcomm executive, was his first major hire.

Nadella actually used an iPhone to show off her Microsoft apps at an event in 2015

So yes. Nadella has been very busy. Investors love him. From 2014 to 2015 his first year in office, Microsoft shares rose 14%. Then, they rose 21% in 2015.

He is loved by his employees as well, who talk about how he helped the company tackle difficult issues.

Nadella has many challenges in 2016. Microsoft continues to struggle on the smartphone market. Windows 10’s ambitions are being held back by falling computer sales. The decline in computer sales is limiting Windows 10’s ambitions. And the Xbox One console is competing with the Sony PlayStation 4.

Microsoft is experiencing a positive turn for the first-time in a long time.


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