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The Importance Of Cybersecurity At Home

Recent articles have already highlighted the fact that new technologies have not only made many people’s lives easier, but also created new risks. Cybersecurity is the case.

It is a good idea to have cybersecurity insurance because of the IT risks that SMEs face. What about home security? Computers are essential for businesses, but they are equally important for families. They are used to pay bills, order online, and perform other functions such as contracting services. To be safe, we need to know the possible threats that we might face.

Here’s a list with 7 computer problems you can avoid.

Cybersecurity against these threats

Computer viruses

This is the most common problem known to the public. It’s a virus that infects executable programs and then spreads to other programs. To activate a virus, it must be activated by the victim.

Protect yourself by updating your antivirus and staying away from untrusted programs.


They are very similar to computer viruses. However, they don’t require any human activation.

Because they consume the available resources, such as memory and network bandwidth, they can cause more or less severe performance problems.

It is important to have an up-to-date antivirus in order to avoid worms.


Their actions are reminiscent of the Trojan horse story. These hackers can be disguised by downloading legal programs. Although it does not cause any damage or spread, the threat allows hackers to take control of the computer.

Again, caution is the best protection: only download trusted programs and be skeptical about everything you do.


Another very well-known threat is the Trojan horse. This threat is often accompanied by a Trojan or virus. It records keystrokes. This allows the data to be stored in a file that can then be transmitted over the internet.


Rootkits are programs that allow hackers to gain administrative access to your computer. They cannot be spread automatically, but they can be installed through third-party extensions or commercial security products.

You can protect yourself from these kinds of problems by using up-to-date antivirus protection and firewall protection.

DDoS attack

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), a security problem that targets computers and is more targeted at companies, is created by creating a large amount of information to the same destination. These information is typically produced and sent by large numbers of bots. It is then used to destroy the websites of target entities or companies due to their large bandwidth consumption.


Exploits are programs that contain code or data that exploit vulnerabilities in software installed on a computer. This program exploits security holes that can occur during the development of computer programs. For example, errors made during development. Users are not able to tell if their computers have been infected with exploits.

There are many threats that could expose our personal data. To reduce the risk of being exposed, we can use computer protection and be cautious when surfing the internet.


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