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What Happened On The Internet During The Covid Lockdown

Many of our habits changed with the introduction of COVID-19, as well as the way we surf the internet. This service was quickly able to recognize some changes in users’ lives, which they didn’t do before. These changes continue during and after the quarantine. Many companies chose to telecommute, and continue to do so. Students were spending more time with their families, which made the internet connection permanent for millions.

This caused problems for many internet service providers, as those who studied the browsing habits and behavior of Internet users in a millimeter-level way realized that things had drastically changed.

Traffic growth also brought with it positive aspects, new studies, and performance improvements in infrastructure and for private and public companies who work in the Internet space.

What has actually changed? There were many, but we’ll only mention the most important.

Quarantined internet

Internet service providers already knew the behaviour of Internet users, that is to say, they knew when the Internet was most used and when it was most popular.

Prior to COVID-19 the New Year’s Eve party was the most popular date on the internet. This is where friends and family greeted one another to welcome in the new year, and to say goodbye to the past. This high traffic was put on hold by the unexpected quarantine.

It was also estimated that the traffic increase that occurred over a period of one year would increase in a matter days during confinement. People were looking for entertainment online to avoid getting bored at home.

Video streaming and streaming services have increased by 100%

The use of platforms like Netflix and HBO has not declined. These platforms have doubled their users and even tripled them.

Netflix released its earnings for the first quarter, which showed a 21% increase in revenue compared to the prior year. This was in addition to other strategies like reducing advertising and marketing investment, as they didn’t need much promotion since everyone was watching them at home.

This is how the rise in video consumption and live channel viewing brought about another benefit. We will discuss this in the next point.

VPN popularity grows

We decided to stay home longer than normal to make the quarantine more bearable. Many people used the internet to find new information, view series and movies, and take courses they didn’t have before. time to do.

Movies and series are the most popular of all the options. There is no better way than to spend your time watching entertaining things. Many people went to Netflix, HBO, and the BBC to find the content they were looking for.

These streaming platforms sometimes place restrictions on geographic access, making it difficult for users to view content from other nations if the license is not in their country. Segmentation is part their sales strategy, but it limits people’s ability to see what they want and not what they really want to see.

The VPN (virtual personal network) is a useful tool. This tool was not available before the quarantine. This enabled you to bypass location restrictions and enjoy content and movies that are not available in your country. Are you familiar with VPN? You don’t need to know what a VPN is, so click here and find out.

It is important to note that cybersecurity is an essential element of Internet browsing. This can be done with applications like the VPN, or other services that we are unfamiliar with.


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